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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Don Jon Ending

The movie ending to Don Jon is less explicit than the opening. Joseph Gordon-Levitt made his directorial debut in this porn addiction movie. If you haven't watched Don Jon yet, then avoid reading the film ending below.

***Spoiler Alert***

We expect Jon to repair his relationship with Barbara. However, Barbara has her own personal mission to make Jon into someone he is not. Barbara tells Jon she never wants him to contact her again. She reveals that Jon is selfish.

Jon narrates about his time with Esther. The two are having sex in a darkly lit room. Jon narrates that Esther and he see eye-to-eye. They are the perfect compliment for each other.

Jon realizes that Esther is the right girl for him. She gives him advice to stop his porn addiction rather than insult him. 

Jon is wiser now. He let go of his porn addiction. Esther is able to properly grieve. She is moving closer to healing. After losing her husband and son in an accident, Esther has another caring person next to her side. During moments where Esther needs to release her emotions, Jon is supportive and there for her. 

Jon is not ready to enter a long-term relationship. He doesn't have any present plans to get married and have kids. His real excitement is making seeing into Esther as she sees through him. 

Esther and Jon walk in Central Park. Nearby, there is a fountain flowing. The birds fly up into the sky. 

This couple is happy to be together for now. There is no pressure to advance this relationship. We never expect the younger Jon to view an older woman as a counterpoint. 

Jon needed to meet Esther to grow into a mature young man. Whereas Barbara pushed Jon to attend night school that made this relationship possible, this accidental meeting in the classroom with Esther changed Jon. 

We see a car driving on Brooklyn Bridge. Jon shares that he is finally happy. This revelation of overcoming porn addiction and being promiscuous makes for a good ending.

Don Jon ends. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 film ending

Insidious Chapter 2 delivered a record-breaking box office performance in September. This horror sequel generated $40.2 million, missing James Wan's weekend box office record of $41.9 million The Conjuring carved out this July. Insidious 2 leaves off where the shocking twist ending of Insidious ends. If you haven't watched Insidious Chapter 2, beware that we will be spoiling this movie ending.

***Spoiler Alert***

Josh is searching in a room where 15 of Parker's female victims reside. These souls are covered with white sheets, hiding these dead corpses. The mother of Parker attacks Josh's astral body, where the door locks to leave Elise and Carl trapped outside. This mother advances quickly toward Josh and chokes him.  

Elise talks to the little Parker boy to help him get past his abusive mother. Once this occurs, the young Parker is able to break free of his bad childhood memories. 

In the real world, the possessed Josh violently throws Renai to the ground. Dalton is sleeping inside a crevice near the wall. His astral body is connected to a string that represents the silver cord. 

The Josh impostor notices Dalton sleeping on the pavement. He is about to destroy Dalton's physical body. Renai looks on in fear, trying to prevent Josh from killing their son. 

Back in the astral world, Parker's astral mother is about to smash Josh. Without any warning, Elise hits this mother with one of those large rocking horses inside the room to flatten her soul. 

Josh's physical body drops to the ground.

Elise tells Josh to hurry up. She also commands Carl to go along, as he is not dead in the real world. The astral world begins to turn dark, where Elise is consumed into this space. 

Josh and Carl rush out. Dalton calls out for his father. There are many dead souls roaming around. Dalton guides Carl and his father. 

In the basement, Renai cries. She holds Dalton in her arms. She wants her son to awaken. 

Josh, Dalton and Carl escape the dead by following the silver white cord consisting of thin thread. Both Dalton and Josh return back into their physical bodies. Renai doesn't trust Josh. Dalton immediately runs to her father, revealing that Josh is no longer possessed. Josh begs Renai to believe it is really him.

The main clue that Josh is himself is that he shares him trying to contact Renai through playing her song on the piano. She tells Josh that she knew it was him because nobody can play this song so poorly. Renai is happy to have her husband back. 

The Lambert family hug. Out of nowhere, Tucker breaks into the basement to fight a fight that is already over. 

Josh and Dalton sit on the sofa. Carl puts them under to make them forget about their astral projection abilities and all the pain this has caused them. The white light fades out the scene to reveal renewal. 

At a home, Tucker and Specs knock on a random door. They ask the family about their sister who got into a bad accident. This young girl is confined in a wheelchair. The younger sister of the girl sees Elise standing behind Specs and Tucker. She asks who is the lady with you? Specs and Tucker shush her to avoid drawing attention to this event. 

Elise enters the home as an apparition. She walks up to the girl confined to a wheelchair. For odd reason, she senses something very wrong. As she raises her head to survey this ominous force, she lets out a daunting gasp in what we believe is an evil force waiting to possess this young, vulnerable girl. 

Insidious Chapter 2 ends. 

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

We're the Millers film ending

We're The Millers is a R-Rated comedy Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts, Ed Helms, Will Poulter, and other performers. This movie ending follows the customary Hollywood structure. If you haven't watched We're The Millers movie, then avoid ruining your movie experience.

***Movie Spoilers***

Kenny confronts Scottie P. for trying to take advantage of his fake sister Casey. He counts to 3. Right before the third number, Rose punches Scottie on his nose and breaks it.

Kenny is shocked that his three count worked to handle the situation. Rose asks Kenny who told him about his three count and that he should always use a one count.

David has a change of heart. He returns to claim his fake family. They are all mad at him, refusing to go along with him back to Denver, Colorado. However, David agrees to split the money equally. The Millers will claim $125K each.

Back at the RV, the Millers bump into the Fitzgerald family again. Melissa feels uncomfortable around Kenny because she remembers him kissing his mother and sister at the camp site. Her mother apologizes that she touched Rose's breasts, which adds more kerosine to the fire. Kenny admits that this is not his family, so the family reveals their identity.

Pablo Chacon shows up. He attempts to kill the Millers. David stops him, sharing how much he enjoys his fake family and the innocent Fitzgerald family. He tells Pablo to kill him instead.

Don Fitzgerald jump out of the RV and beats Pablo to pulp with his mug. Pablo lies on the ground, nearly unconscious. He picks up the gun and attempts to shoot everyone. Kenny knocks out Pablo.

Melissa runs up to hug Kenny. Kenny kisses her without any delay at the exact time the fireworks shoot up in the air. David and Rose share a kiss, too. Don and his wife also kiss. The family bond.

David is told that he can't leave. Don heard everything about his drug smuggling affairs. Since Don is from DEA, this complicates the situation. David and his family freeze in their tracks.

Don tells David that he must arrest David and his family. He said he will arrest them after he turns his back to hug his family. David knows what Don is implying, so the Millers leave as quickly as possible.

David turns in the drugs to Brad. Brad refuses to pay the $500k because David was late delivering the drugs. David mentions that Brad never planned to pay him. Brad agreed he double-crossed David. Brad and David shake hands in agreement this would take care of the previous debt.

All of a sudden, Don and DEA agents break into the building to arrest Brad and his crew. David set Brad up, knowing he would not get paid and this decision would lead him to improve his quality of life.

Don indicates to David that he must go into a witness protection program (WPP). David asks if he will be the only one that goes into WPP. Don states that David and anyone else involved in the testimony against Brad and Pablo will enter the WPP.

The Millers move into a new neighborhood. A family approach their home to introduce themselves. David introduces his family members by first name, and then mentions that we're the Millers.

The End

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Conjuring film ending

James Wan's The Conjuring is scaring up movie theaters this weekend with huge ticket sales. This paranormal movie about a real demonologist and psychic medium (Ed and Lorraine Warren') clever ending that is fit for most exorcism movies. If you plan to watch The Conjuring, avoid reading the movie ending spoiler.


***Spoiler Alert***

A possessed Carolyn kidnaps Andrea and April. Carolyn drives her daughters back to Perron home.

Roger contacts Ed to relay this bad news that his wife took his daughters. Lorraine immediately knows that Carolyn is going to kill her children. She begs Ed to allow her to come along. Ed refuses to allow this. She shares they were brought together to save this family. Ed agrees to let his wife join him.  

The Warren's, Perron's, Drew, and Officer Brad report to the Perron home. Brad carries a shotgun into the exorcism party awaiting this group. The youngest daughter April is missing.

Ed, Lorraine, Drew and Roger search the house. A scream comes from down in the cellar. Carolyn tries to kill Andrea with scissors but the group stop her just in time. 

Carolyn displays supernatural powers, which she is indestructible in the face of a human. Brad's neck is injured while trying to pin down Carolyn. She telepathically tosses the occupants around the cellar. 

A sheet is placed over Carolyn's head and body. Brad handcuffs Carolyn to the chair. Carolyn is violently moving around; she attempts to free herself. She is no longer Carolyn. The witch that once owned the home and swore her allegiance to Satin is occupying this fragile vessel. 

The exorcism of Carolyn is ready to begin. Ed knows he can't wait for the priest. Roger doesn't think Ed is authorized to perform the exorcism. However, Lorraine confirms he is able to exorcise the demon. 

Ed confirms what he is about to do. He asks the Holy Father to guide him. Ed reads an exorcism prayer to confront the demon. Carolyn is squirming to the holy words. She is gone, trapped inside the darkness from within. This demonic entity has full control of her body. 

Drew hears a voice through the ground. He pounds on the floorboard. April is trapped in the foundation of the home. 

Roger is worried. We hear the demon speaking. He wants Ed to stop the exorcism. Carolyn begins to project blood from within the sheet. Her head tears out, showing the evil face of the witch. 

Ed demands the name of the demon. Lorraine and Brad hold Carolyn down. This demon name is used to confront the evil spirit. 

Drew makes a hole in the kitchen floorboard. He finds April trapped down there. 

The exorcism has another twist. Carolyn and the chair become inverted. The chair smashes against the ground, where the force of the fall makes Carolyn unconscious. 

Drew yells down that April is underneath the floor near the cellar. This is when Carolyn becomes conscious again, and then rushes off to kill her child. 

Carolyn finds April. She has a knife in hand. April runs, but Carolyn gains on her. Chaos aside, Lorraine touches Carolyn's head to remind her about the beach. Lorraine tells Carolyn to remember what she said about protecting her family. Roger tells his wife to fight. 

This revelation helps to cast out the demonic spirit, preventing Carolyn from killing her daughter.  Carolyn returns back to normal self and cries. The exorcism is successful because Lorraine employs her clairvoyant powers to speak directly with Carolyn. 

The bonding begins in the morning. The Perron family are reunited. Brad is a believer of the parnormal. Ed and Lorraine realize their natural gift is worth the risk. April returns Lorraine's necklace. 

The musical box is placed in the Warren haunted collection. This haunted collection contains an item from every paranormal investigation. We see the music box mirror spin around, expecting the young boy to appear again. 

The Conjuring abruptly ends. 

In the movie end credits "The fairytale is true. The Devil does exist. God indeed exists. And for us, as people, our destiny hinges upon which we elect to follow" -Ed Warren

***This movie ending is not in exact order because many events took place in the ending. You will get an idea of the ending that a demon is exorcised from Carolyn. The Perron home is returned back to normal. The Warrens continue to challenge demons and spirits**

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

World War Z film ending

Brad Pitt stars in World War Z, the top grossing zombie movie of all time. This zombie movie is on pace to earn $200+ million in the domestic box office. The Walking Dead on AMC gave the zombie genre a boost to become the top horror genre as of right now.

World War Z is delivering the success most anticipated before its release three weeks ago, though the box office numbers are much higher. The World War Z movie ending features a morale finale that we expected in The Darkest Hour. If you haven't watched World War Z yet, then avoid reading the movie ending below. The ending contains spoilers that may ruin your movie experience.

***Spoiler Alert***

Gerry awakens in a research center named W.H.O. (World Health Organization). His side is surgically repaired due to injuries he endured in a plane crash. A doctor requests him to answer why he is there. Gerry continues to stare at another doctor present in the room, the man he knows is in charge. He informs the doctor to answer the phone. This is when Theirry reveals his identity as a high ranking United Nations official. The W.H.O doctors now realize the urgency. Gerry learns that he is family is no longer staying on the ship.  

The W.H.O. doctors discuss the zombie virus and how the researcher got infected. Gerry believes in a possible vaccination that can fight against the zombies. He traces two accounts in which two people - one boy and an old man - are spared in the zombie invasion. Apparently, these two individuals are infected with a terminal ill condition that zombies detect as inhabitable to breed the virus. 

The mission is to retrieve treatable viruses that are stored in the lab. There is a catch; the laboratory is swarming with zombies and these zombies are attracted to noise.  

Gerry, Segen, and the leading W.H.O doctor enter the blocked-off ward where infected researchers remain. This trio quietly advance toward the research facility. They find the cafeteria a mess. 

Zombies roam around. The lead doctor accidentally knocks over a metal tool. This alerts the zombies to attack the trio. Gerry diverts the zombies away to allow the doctor and Segen to gain access to the viruses. He runs up the stairs, hitting and banging a tool against the stair handles. 

The lead doctor and Segen determine it is too risky to retrieve the viruses. They abort the mission, where another doctor refuses to let the duo back into their quarters. Zombies are following right behind. However, the doctors decide to unlock the door and let the doctor and Segen inside. They seal the doors just in time before the zombies can enter. 

Gerry outsmarts the zombies, making his way back into the lab. A female doctor relays the door code to Gerry. He enters the biohazard room where the deadliest viruses are stored under cold conditions. 

The group watch on while Gerry is gathering test tubes containing a number of viruses. Gerry is about to leave the room, but he finds a zombie waiting outside of the room. This is his moment of truth. What is going to do now? 

Gerry decides he must test the virus on himself. If this experiment fails, Gerry will die. The zombie makes strange faces, awaiting the moment Gerry exits the room to attack.  

Gerry shows a sign to the monitor to tell Segen and the doctors to tell his family he loves them. He is seriously going to inject himself with a deadly virus. Gerry scavenges for a syringe. The doctors state that if Gerry is wrong about this vaccination against the zombies that he is a goner. 

Gerry injects his arm with the virus. He waits for the virus to enter his system. The room becomes colder. Gerry decides it is time to test whether the virus will camouflage him. The doctors and Segen grow weary in anticipation, hoping Gerry will not die. 

Gerry opens up the door. The zombie sniffs around him. It is determined that this virus fends off the zombie. The doctors and Segen celebrate the victory. 

Gerry drinks a Pepsi. He is ready to lure the zombies toward him. Gerry releases the Pepsi cans that begin to spray soda. The noise attract the zombies waiting outside of the door that houses the doctors and Segen. Gerry walks in the middle of the zombies. They don't suspect him at all. 

Inside the research bay, the female doctor injects a vaccination into Gerry to treat the meningitis. Gerry and Segen leave W.H.O. carrying diseases, delivering a new hope to humanity. 

The vaccinations are dropped in fields to disguise the unaffected. Soldiers are biologically camouflaged with this vaccination to battle the zombies. The zombies are incapable of sensing those infected with another strain. Whereas the disease is no cure, it represents a weapon to fight the zombies. 

Gerry is reunited with his family in Nova Scotia. His wife Karen, daughters, and Tomas welcome him.

People on buildings are torching zombies that attempt to climb up like ants. 

Gerry narrates that this fight against the zombies is just the beginning. 

The End.