Saturday, July 5, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil Ending

Deliver Us From Evil opened this weekend and delivered us some evil content. Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez battle the force of a demon originating from the Greek Roman times. This exorcist movie is a wild ride from beginning to end. If you haven't watched Deliver Us From Evil yet, avoid reading the following film ending.

Deliver Us From Evil is the first exorcism movie to be released in 2014. Exorcism movies are on the rise, given that two such movies in this sub-genre finished atop the box office in 2012 and another took the box office by storm last year with The Conjuring.

Deliver Us From Evil film ending is featured below. Prevent reading the movie ending to protect your movie experience.

***Spoiler Alert***

***Deliver Us From Evil ending***

Sgt. Sargie (Eric Bana) blames himself for the death of his police partner Butler (Joel McHale). He believes maybe he could have saved his partner if he got there faster. 

He is driving in a neighborhood populated with taller residential buildings and Jane (Olivia Horton) lands on his front hood. This disastrous jump smashes Jane apart. We see her limbs crushed beyond recognition.

Sargie requests a bus to retrieve Jane's body. All of a sudden, a call arrives from home. Sargie assumes his wife is calling, but Santino (Sean Harris) informs him that his wife and child are gone.

Sargie calls for backup to his home. At his home, Santino is standing in the dining area with evil words written on his body, the same we see on the wall in Iraq. The ancient text has a direct correlation with the strange activity going on in the city, a demonic message with severe implications on vulnerable people such as the American soldiers in Iraq. 

Sargie confronts Santino, yelling at this possessed person to tell him the location of his family. He pounds on Santino's face over and over again to beat the answer out of him. Still, Santino refuses to give up the whereabouts of his family. The rest of the police force arrive on-scene to restrain a supernaturally-strong Santino.

Sargie and another cop escort Santino into the police station. At the precinct, Satino is restrained to a chair in the holding room. Sargie, Gordon (Dorian Missick), and another fellow officer secure Santino to a chair. The two cops have a hard time keeping Santino in place. 

Sargie requests Gordon and the other officer to leave. He assumes responsibility for what may happen. Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez) is ready to perform the exorcism. He asks Sargie to leave. Sargie convinces him he must be a part of this ritual to save his family. 

Mendoza briefs Sargie on the five parts of this exorcism. This exorcism will happen in steps, so Mendoza tells Sargie to not listen to anything this demon says. The main focus is casting out the demon attached to Santino's soul. 

The police officers watch from another room. Santino's chair shakes like an earthquake is rocking the room. The evil from within Santino is intense. It deliberately wants to harm all who come in contact with its possessed host. 

Mendoza asks Sargie to pray. He specifically urges him to block off anything the demon speaks about during this exorcism ritual. Mendoza chants out words of God and begins the exorcism. The demonic possessed Santino grows stronger. He frees himself from the chair. 

Mendoza instructs Sargie to restrain Santino. He continues to perform the exorcism. The next stage is even more intense. The chair shakes and the room vibrates.

The demon knows all weaknesses consuming Mendoza and Sargie. Mendoza contradicts the advice he gives Sargie. He begins to weaken from the demon telling him that his Claudia fling resulted in the birth of his son. Mendoza fights back in tears, knowing that Claudia kept his son and didn't abort this baby. 

Sargie calms Mendoza down. He reminds him that he must follow what he told him to do. He must not give-in to the demon. This demon has clairvoyant powers and can read minds. 

Santino's head begins to split horizontally across. Mendoza tells Sargie to get ready. Sargie responds to Mendoza as if he thought the worst has passed. 

The exorcism goes back on track. Mendoza draws closer to Santino and requests the demon's name. What is your name Demon?! Sargie prays with the words of the Bible. 

Mendoza chants out the exorcism rite, with each passing word of God weakening the demon. He needs the name of this demon to finalize the exorcism. He applies the cross to the host's forehead. 

The name of the demon is echoed out. Sargie hears the "Jungler" as representing the name of this demon. Mendoza asks Sargie what name did he say to you? Sargie confirms the demon's name is the Jungler. 

Mendoza now has name and can complete the fifth stage of the exorcism. He uses this name to exorcise the demon out of Santino. The beast is on the verge of leaving Santino. 

Mendoza gives everything he has to destroy the demon Jungler. Jungler finally leaves Santino. Mendoza pins his back up against the wall, holding his heart with exhaustion. He tells Sargie the Beast is gone. 

Sargie is relieved to find out this news. He confronts Santino and whispers to Santino, where we see his lips motion where is his family. Santino gives up the location of his wife and daughter. 

The police force rush out to a storage area. They cut a lock off of a unit. Another lock is removed to expose a paint work van. Two police officers hold Sargie back to prevent any anger from what may appear behind the van doors 

The last lock is cut and Sargie's wife exits. Sargie's daughter is also rescued from the van. Sargie hugs them both, happen to found them safe and alive. 

At Sargie's home, Mendoza performs a baptism on Sargie's newborn girl. He willingly denounces all evil, believing that maintaining his faith in God is his choice. Sargie's daughter is now baptized.

On a dark screen, a title card reads that Sargie retired shortly after this case. He still keeps in touch with Mendoza. Deliver Us From Evil involves saving the people we love most from the primal evil not of this world. Essentially, vulnerability and lack of faith open the doors to this type of evil. 

The End.

***Deliver Us From Evil ending is not entirely accurate as you will see at the movies. However, this ending gives you an idea of what to expect in the ending. It delivers us a great movie ending that is expected in exorcism movies. We see an intense exorcism. The host is saved from the evil demon. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oculus film ending

The twisted paranormal movie Oculus confused moviegoers with switching back and forth between past and present scenes without warning. The Oculus film ending is one that we suspected (wait and see the evil movie). If you haven't seen Oculus yet, then avoid this film ending.

***Oculus movie ending spoiler***

***Spoiler Alert***

In the Oculus ending, Kaylie's lack of awareness accidentally caused her to kill her fiance Michael. We know this mirror holds supernatural powers to destroy any person attempting to manipulate its evil scheme. 

Kaylie watches her deceased mother in the mirror. Her mother appears like a flawless angel. Kaylie flushes her face against the window to get closer to her mother. 

Younger brother Tim sees the mirror in real time and space. Nothing is there; we don't see Kaylie standing there awaiting her impending doom. 

Tim prematurely presses the button to drop the heavy weigh against the evil mirror. He thinks this weight will once and for all destroy the mirror to end the nightmare it has caused his family. 

Shockingly, this weight crushes the back of Kaylie's neck. She is pinned up against the mirror, where blood begins to pour out of her mouth. Kaylie pulsates in the wake of this deadly blow. 

The mirror completes its ultimate mission, preventing its dark secret from reaching light. Tim is clearly upset and shaken up, fooled as to whether Kaylie is in fact real. He calls out her name, realizing that his sister will soon die. 

Police sirens sound off, arriving to the scene of the obvious murder scene. Tim is taken away, where we see parallel scene of him as a child and as a adult meeting his fate. Both times, Tim is accused of killing a family member. Tim denies killing his sister, but the evidence is stacked up against him. 

The police discuss Tim's motive, indicating that he called 911 to report the crime. In this film footage, Tim is seen releasing a lever that smashes a weight up against Kaylie's. 

All the former dead people consumed by this mirror gather together, including Kaylie, Michael and Tim's parents. Past people who owned the mirror are also present in the home. 

Tim shouts from inside the car that he is not to blame. He claims the mirror is responsible for his sister's death. Oculus's ending follows Tim in the back of a police car. 

The end.   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Don Jon Ending

The movie ending to Don Jon is less explicit than the opening. Joseph Gordon-Levitt made his directorial debut in this porn addiction movie. If you haven't watched Don Jon yet, then avoid reading the film ending below.

***Spoiler Alert***

We expect Jon to repair his relationship with Barbara. However, Barbara has her own personal mission to make Jon into someone he is not. Barbara tells Jon she never wants him to contact her again. She reveals that Jon is selfish.

Jon narrates about his time with Esther. The two are having sex in a darkly lit room. Jon narrates that Esther and he see eye-to-eye. They are the perfect compliment for each other.

Jon realizes that Esther is the right girl for him. She gives him advice to stop his porn addiction rather than insult him. 

Jon is wiser now. He let go of his porn addiction. Esther is able to properly grieve. She is moving closer to healing. After losing her husband and son in an accident, Esther has another caring person next to her side. During moments where Esther needs to release her emotions, Jon is supportive and there for her. 

Jon is not ready to enter a long-term relationship. He doesn't have any present plans to get married and have kids. His real excitement is making seeing into Esther as she sees through him. 

Esther and Jon walk in Central Park. Nearby, there is a fountain flowing. The birds fly up into the sky. 

This couple is happy to be together for now. There is no pressure to advance this relationship. We never expect the younger Jon to view an older woman as a counterpoint. 

Jon needed to meet Esther to grow into a mature young man. Whereas Barbara pushed Jon to attend night school that made this relationship possible, this accidental meeting in the classroom with Esther changed Jon. 

We see a car driving on Brooklyn Bridge. Jon shares that he is finally happy. This revelation of overcoming porn addiction and being promiscuous makes for a good ending.

Don Jon ends. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 film ending

Insidious Chapter 2 delivered a record-breaking box office performance in September. This horror sequel generated $40.2 million, missing James Wan's weekend box office record of $41.9 million The Conjuring carved out this July. Insidious 2 leaves off where the shocking twist ending of Insidious ends. If you haven't watched Insidious Chapter 2, beware that we will be spoiling this movie ending.

***Spoiler Alert***

Josh is searching in a room where 15 of Parker's female victims reside. These souls are covered with white sheets, hiding these dead corpses. The mother of Parker attacks Josh's astral body, where the door locks to leave Elise and Carl trapped outside. This mother advances quickly toward Josh and chokes him.  

Elise talks to the little Parker boy to help him get past his abusive mother. Once this occurs, the young Parker is able to break free of his bad childhood memories. 

In the real world, the possessed Josh violently throws Renai to the ground. Dalton is sleeping inside a crevice near the wall. His astral body is connected to a string that represents the silver cord. 

The Josh impostor notices Dalton sleeping on the pavement. He is about to destroy Dalton's physical body. Renai looks on in fear, trying to prevent Josh from killing their son. 

Back in the astral world, Parker's astral mother is about to smash Josh. Without any warning, Elise hits this mother with one of those large rocking horses inside the room to flatten her soul. 

Josh's physical body drops to the ground.

Elise tells Josh to hurry up. She also commands Carl to go along, as he is not dead in the real world. The astral world begins to turn dark, where Elise is consumed into this space. 

Josh and Carl rush out. Dalton calls out for his father. There are many dead souls roaming around. Dalton guides Carl and his father. 

In the basement, Renai cries. She holds Dalton in her arms. She wants her son to awaken. 

Josh, Dalton and Carl escape the dead by following the silver white cord consisting of thin thread. Both Dalton and Josh return back into their physical bodies. Renai doesn't trust Josh. Dalton immediately runs to her father, revealing that Josh is no longer possessed. Josh begs Renai to believe it is really him.

The main clue that Josh is himself is that he shares him trying to contact Renai through playing her song on the piano. She tells Josh that she knew it was him because nobody can play this song so poorly. Renai is happy to have her husband back. 

The Lambert family hug. Out of nowhere, Tucker breaks into the basement to fight a fight that is already over. 

Josh and Dalton sit on the sofa. Carl puts them under to make them forget about their astral projection abilities and all the pain this has caused them. The white light fades out the scene to reveal renewal. 

At a home, Tucker and Specs knock on a random door. They ask the family about their sister who got into a bad accident. This young girl is confined in a wheelchair. The younger sister of the girl sees Elise standing behind Specs and Tucker. She asks who is the lady with you? Specs and Tucker shush her to avoid drawing attention to this event. 

Elise enters the home as an apparition. She walks up to the girl confined to a wheelchair. For odd reason, she senses something very wrong. As she raises her head to survey this ominous force, she lets out a daunting gasp in what we believe is an evil force waiting to possess this young, vulnerable girl. 

Insidious Chapter 2 ends. 

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