Wednesday, January 27, 2016

American Mary Film Ending

American Mary is a horror thriller about a talented medical school student who is inspired to perform strange/weird modification surgeries in exchange for quick cash. She goes on this daunting path to pay bills. However, Mary is sexually assaulted at a physician party and takes this crime into her own hands to make a valuable statement.

American Mary ending is clear-cut, straight to the point. If you haven't watched American Mary yet, then beware reading the movie ending spoiler below.

***American Mary movie spoiler***

Mary walks up the stairs to her loft. Her cell phone rings, but she rejects this call. She enters her home. The phone rings again, and again. She finally answers this call, telling Beatress she knows she quit dancing and is no longer with the club. 

Beatress is injured on the ground. She suffered from stabbing wounds and physical blows to her face. She apologizes to Mary, telling her she didn't want to tell him. She warned Mary to watch out for Mr. RealGirl, the husband of Ruby. 

Mary performed modification surgery on Ruby, removing her areolas and closing her vagina shut. Mr. RealGirl is devastated, taking revenge for this surgery. 

All of a sudden, Mr. RealGirl stabs Mary in her gut. In a struggle, Mary turns this knife on Mr. RealGirl and kills him. 

We see a flashback of Mary walking past a mirror. On this mirror, there is a picture of Ruby with her husband Mr. RealGirl. 

Mary is profusely bleeding out. She crawls on the ground to her surgical space. Sad music plays.  

Mary finally reaches her suture kit. She lies on her back, beginning to sewing up her abdominal wound unassisted and without proper view. She is unable to properly seal this wound before fatally bleeding out and dieing in the process. 

Police arrive at her home. They find both Mr. RealGirl and Mary dead. One officer looks at a book showing Dr. Grant used a guinea pig for Mary's modification surgeries. They are mortified of this horrible act. 

Detective Dolor looks over to a bloody Mary dead. Blood consumes the floor. 

American Mary movie ends. 


The Boy Film Ending

The Boy is a horror about an American girl who accepts a nanny job in the U.K. Once she arrives at an extravagant home, she meets an old couple and their toy boy. She is responsible for taking care of this toy boy, conforming to all 10 rules written on paper to satisfy his needs.

The Boy film ending features a twist you won't expect. If you haven't watched The Boy movie, avoid reading the movie ending below. 

***The Boy Film Ending***

Blood drips on Cole's face. He awakens to a message written in blood, "Get Out." Cole gets all hysterical, wanting answers to who left these rats in his bag and wrote a bloody message. 

Greta enters the room. She is as shocked as Cole is. Cole assumes she has something to do with this threat. Malcolm hears this commotion from outside, quickly entering the home to help Greta.  

Cole orders Greta to hand over the doll (Brahms). She refuses to give him Brahms. Malcolm tells Cole to leave Greta alone. 

Tension escalates, as Cole then grabs the doll from Greta and smashes it against a hard surface. This toy boy breaks into many pieces. It appears the ashes of Brahms pour out. 

Greta is in shock to see Brahms broken. The lights begin to flicker. Noise radiates from the walls. Cole draws close to the mirror, telling Greta and Malcolm to be quiet and listen. 

All of a sudden, the glass mirror breaks. Cole falls backward. A masked man emerges out of the mirror. It is Brahms. He overpowers Cole, stabbing a spear/hook into his neck. Cole bleeds out.  

Greta and Malcolm run away from Brahms. We learn that Brahms never died as a child. He has been living in the walls the entire time, expecting his parents to care for the doll as it were real. 

Greta and Malcolm run upstairs. They lock the door. Brahms tries to unlock the doors, twisting and turning the doorknob like a deranged lunatic. Greta tells Malcolm to hurry up and lock the closet door. They reach just in time before Brahms can enter. 

Brahms is strong as an ox. He resembles Michael Myers. He is tall and strong like the Halloween killer. The two escape the room through the walls. They end in a room where Brahms has a doll dressed in a red dress and is wearing a necklace. These items were stolen in the bathroom, while Greta was taking a shower. 

Greta is angry. She finds a letter written by the Heelshire's. She realizes then that they knew Brahms was living inside the walls. In this letter, they tell Brahms he could have the girl. 

Brahms appears. They climb into the walls. On the verge of escaping the home, Malcolm tells Greta to leave without him. He wants to save her from this Mad Man. Brahms wrestles Malcolm to the ground. He crushes his head, remembering how he killed a young girl many years ago. 

Greta is devastated that Malcolm is possibly dead. She exits the vicinity. 

However, Greta enters the home from the front door. She sees Cole dead. Brahms is there waiting. She talks to Brahms like a child. She tells him he must go to bed. 

Greta puts Brahms in bed, pulling the covers over his body. He wants a kiss. She tells him no, he's been bad and must go to bed. Brahms throws a fit, pulling her back. Greta goes in for a goodnight kiss, but Brahms wants more and tries to French kiss her. 

Unexpectedly, Greta stabs Brahms with a knife. Both of them get into a fight. Brahms pins Greta against the wall, choking her until she becomes dizzy and hazy. She reaches down, pushing the knife further into his gut. He drops her, and then falls to the ground. 

Greta returns to Malcolm. She rescues him. They exit the Hilshire home. We see them drive off together, relieved to have escaped the psychotic Brahms. 

In the end, we see the Brahms doll reassembled. This doll consumes the screen, revealing Brahms didn't die from his stab wound. 

The Boy movie ends.  


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Revenant Film Ending

The Revenant (2015)
The Revenant stars Leonardo DiCaprio in an American epic adventure. As seen in marketing material, this film is based on a true story about Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who embarked on the American West. We watch a bear-mauling that leaves Hugh fighting for his life.

The Revenant film ending stretches the truth for enjoyment purposes. If you haven't watched The Revenant yet, then beware the movie ending will be spoiled below.

***The Revenant Ending***

Hugh and Captain Andrew Henry leave the Base to search for John, the traitor who left Hugh to die. Captain Henry is determined to apprehend John and bring him back to await trial. 

In the midpoint of this film, John murdered Hugh's son, Hawk. John deceived Bridger, telling him that Indians were drawing close. As a result of this lie, these two men leave Hugh to die in a shallow grave. Bridger didn't want to leave Hugh behind, but John manipulated him. 

Hugh and Captain Henry follow snow tracks. As a nature expert, Hugh inspects the snow tracks and senses John is close. Captain Henry wants to go in another direction, but Hugh is confident John is no further than a mile away. 

Hugh and Captain Henry travel up the mountain. Then, Hugh goes off into another direction to track John. Captain Henry and John collide. He tells John he will be taking him back to the Base to await trial for murder. John disagrees this will happen. Both men draw.

Hugh hears gunshots echo into the wilderness. He finds Captain Henry dead and scalped. Hugh plans to trick John. He props Captain Henry up with a large stick. He makes it seems as if he is leading from the front. 

John shoots at the first horse. He is sure he killed Hugh. When John approaches the horse to survey the body, he discovers it is Captain Henry. 

John quickly turns to the back horse, where Hugh pops out and shoots him. Wounded, John runs away from John. The two men get into a fight with knives and an ax. They beat each other to a bloody pulp. Hugh is stabbed in the leg. He axes John's fingers. 

John almost stabs Hugh in the face. Hugh turns the knife on John, stabbing him in his abdomen. John crawls to the bottom, near the cold stream. Hugh is on mission to kill John. 

Arikara Elder, his daughter, and Indians wait on their horses near the stream edge, on the opposite side.

John reminds Hugh that he came a long way to seek revenge and there is nothing he can do to bring back his boy. He remembers what the Sioux Indian tells him earlier on, that revenge is in the hands of God. 

Hugh pushes John into the stream. He watches on, as Arikara Elder pulls John out of the water and slices his neck. 

The Indians ride by John, where the daughter silently acknowledges him. Hugh treks up the hill. He sees a vision of his wife, as a sign that it is all over and a new journey is on the horizon. Hugh breaks the fourth wall, and then the movie ends. 

The Revenant movie ending. 


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Furious 7 film ending

Furious 7 opened at movie theaters on Thursday night. This seventh installment of the wildly popular Fast and Furious movie franchise is making noise at the box office. In such, Furious 7 is breaking box office records and new predictions are putting this racing movie at 40% higher than expected.

Furious 7 movie ending will confront Paul Walker's send off. After Paul Walker died in a fiery crash in Santa Clarita, California in 2013, Universal, film crew, director James Wan and cast mates struggled to absorb this shocking news. The media questioned whether Furious 7 should be scrapped to respect one of the franchise's most popular stars. Production resumed and the script changed to accommodate this tragedy.

Furious 7 is the most important Fast and Furious movie because we can finally move past Tokyo Drift. Essentially, the plot timeline is in real-time and finally caught up to present. No more assessing the FF timeline to assemble the pieces together.

We are now up to speed, striking down the street to win that quarter mile race. "Dude I almost had you" will be remembered as Paul Walker's most awesome quote in The Fast and the Furious movie released back in 2001.

We will upload Furious 7 movie ending after this Easter weekend. Stay tuned for Furious 7 ending.