Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Conjuring film ending

James Wan's The Conjuring is scaring up movie theaters this weekend with huge ticket sales. This paranormal movie about a real demonologist and psychic medium (Ed and Lorraine Warren') clever ending that is fit for most exorcism movies. If you plan to watch The Conjuring, avoid reading the movie ending spoiler.


***Spoiler Alert***

A possessed Carolyn kidnaps Andrea and April. Carolyn drives her daughters back to Perron home.

Roger contacts Ed to relay this bad news that his wife took his daughters. Lorraine immediately knows that Carolyn is going to kill her children. She begs Ed to allow her to come along. Ed refuses to allow this. She shares they were brought together to save this family. Ed agrees to let his wife join him.  

The Warren's, Perron's, Drew, and Officer Brad report to the Perron home. Brad carries a shotgun into the exorcism party awaiting this group. The youngest daughter April is missing.

Ed, Lorraine, Drew and Roger search the house. A scream comes from down in the cellar. Carolyn tries to kill Andrea with scissors but the group stop her just in time. 

Carolyn displays supernatural powers, which she is indestructible in the face of a human. Brad's neck is injured while trying to pin down Carolyn. She telepathically tosses the occupants around the cellar. 

A sheet is placed over Carolyn's head and body. Brad handcuffs Carolyn to the chair. Carolyn is violently moving around; she attempts to free herself. She is no longer Carolyn. The witch that once owned the home and swore her allegiance to Satin is occupying this fragile vessel. 

The exorcism of Carolyn is ready to begin. Ed knows he can't wait for the priest. Roger doesn't think Ed is authorized to perform the exorcism. However, Lorraine confirms he is able to exorcise the demon. 

Ed confirms what he is about to do. He asks the Holy Father to guide him. Ed reads an exorcism prayer to confront the demon. Carolyn is squirming to the holy words. She is gone, trapped inside the darkness from within. This demonic entity has full control of her body. 

Drew hears a voice through the ground. He pounds on the floorboard. April is trapped in the foundation of the home. 

Roger is worried. We hear the demon speaking. He wants Ed to stop the exorcism. Carolyn begins to project blood from within the sheet. Her head tears out, showing the evil face of the witch. 

Ed demands the name of the demon. Lorraine and Brad hold Carolyn down. This demon name is used to confront the evil spirit. 

Drew makes a hole in the kitchen floorboard. He finds April trapped down there. 

The exorcism has another twist. Carolyn and the chair become inverted. The chair smashes against the ground, where the force of the fall makes Carolyn unconscious. 

Drew yells down that April is underneath the floor near the cellar. This is when Carolyn becomes conscious again, and then rushes off to kill her child. 

Carolyn finds April. She has a knife in hand. April runs, but Carolyn gains on her. Chaos aside, Lorraine touches Carolyn's head to remind her about the beach. Lorraine tells Carolyn to remember what she said about protecting her family. Roger tells his wife to fight. 

This revelation helps to cast out the demonic spirit, preventing Carolyn from killing her daughter.  Carolyn returns back to normal self and cries. The exorcism is successful because Lorraine employs her clairvoyant powers to speak directly with Carolyn. 

The bonding begins in the morning. The Perron family are reunited. Brad is a believer of the parnormal. Ed and Lorraine realize their natural gift is worth the risk. April returns Lorraine's necklace. 

The musical box is placed in the Warren haunted collection. This haunted collection contains an item from every paranormal investigation. We see the music box mirror spin around, expecting the young boy to appear again. 

The Conjuring abruptly ends. 

In the movie end credits "The fairytale is true. The Devil does exist. God indeed exists. And for us, as people, our destiny hinges upon which we elect to follow" -Ed Warren

***This movie ending is not in exact order because many events took place in the ending. You will get an idea of the ending that a demon is exorcised from Carolyn. The Perron home is returned back to normal. The Warrens continue to challenge demons and spirits**


  1. want to see this movie so much now that I know the ending! im weird like that idk aha

  2. After the black and white photos it goes back to the haunted icons and the spinning mirror does show the little boy. We viewed it frame by frame and zoomed in. We missed it several times, but thought it was as odd to show such, at the we paused and played frame by frame.

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