Wednesday, January 27, 2016

American Mary Film Ending

American Mary is a horror thriller about a talented medical school student who is inspired to perform strange/weird modification surgeries in exchange for quick cash. She goes on this daunting path to pay bills. However, Mary is sexually assaulted at a physician party and takes this crime into her own hands to make a valuable statement.

American Mary ending is clear-cut, straight to the point. If you haven't watched American Mary yet, then beware reading the movie ending spoiler below.

***American Mary movie spoiler***

Mary walks up the stairs to her loft. Her cell phone rings, but she rejects this call. She enters her home. The phone rings again, and again. She finally answers this call, telling Beatress she knows she quit dancing and is no longer with the club. 

Beatress is injured on the ground. She suffered from stabbing wounds and physical blows to her face. She apologizes to Mary, telling her she didn't want to tell him. She warned Mary to watch out for Mr. RealGirl, the husband of Ruby. 

Mary performed modification surgery on Ruby, removing her areolas and closing her vagina shut. Mr. RealGirl is devastated, taking revenge for this surgery. 

All of a sudden, Mr. RealGirl stabs Mary in her gut. In a struggle, Mary turns this knife on Mr. RealGirl and kills him. 

We see a flashback of Mary walking past a mirror. On this mirror, there is a picture of Ruby with her husband Mr. RealGirl. 

Mary is profusely bleeding out. She crawls on the ground to her surgical space. Sad music plays.  

Mary finally reaches her suture kit. She lies on her back, beginning to sewing up her abdominal wound unassisted and without proper view. She is unable to properly seal this wound before fatally bleeding out and dieing in the process. 

Police arrive at her home. They find both Mr. RealGirl and Mary dead. One officer looks at a book showing Dr. Grant used a guinea pig for Mary's modification surgeries. They are mortified of this horrible act. 

Detective Dolor looks over to a bloody Mary dead. Blood consumes the floor. 

American Mary movie ends. 



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